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The weather is gloomy today. From my window, I can see how happy the flowers are as they had enjoyed the rain last night. A cup of not so hot coffee with milk would complement the weather.

While browsing news over the web, a photo of President Obama swims with daughter Sasha off Alligator Point in Panama City Beach, Florida enticed me to read it. The 49-year old president really looks fit and healthy. I guess he just wants to show that the water is already clean after gallons of oil had spilled about four months ago.

Another issue that's being talk about is the shirtless photos of him, the last time he went to Hawaii. It became covers of newspapers and magazines.

Hmmm..I think he's body reflects a healthy lifestyle. He is in very good form. It's okay to swim shirtless, it's more awkward if he'll swim with shirts on.

How about you? What can you say?

Let's talk about it. .

[Source:, photos by White House]